Jeff Burch MPP, Niagara Centre

Government of Ontario

Thorold Tunnel: Keep Two-Way Traffic


This is not a minor inconvenience. It is estimated that 24,300 vehicles use the Thorold tunnel each day. Reconfiguration of traffic flow to only be in one direction-- cutting off access between Niagara Falls and Thorold--is not a solution; it will create an unmanageable amount of traffic that will ripple throughout the region.


This tunnel is vital for ambulances that need to transport individuals in need to larger hospitals in the region. One-way traffic through the Thorold tunnel for the foreseeable future is not a solution; it creates a myriad of other issues and will result in major disruptions. The Mayor of Thorold and the Niagara Regional Chair have expressed their concerns and put forward additional suggestions that find a balance between ensuring our community is safe but also accessible and efficient.


Letter from MPP Burch, MPP Gates and MPP Stevens to Minister of Transportation Mulroney