Jeff Burch MPP, Niagara Centre

Government of Ontario

Save OHIP Covered Eye-Care

Families in my riding and across this province no longer have access to OHIP-covered eye exams. Despite months of advance notice and years of building problems, the Ford government is refusing to work out a deal with optometrists, leaving the eye care of Ontario families in the lurch.


I have seniors calling me worried that they cannot receive eye exams after crucial eye surgeries, putting their recovery under threat. I’ve heard from diabetics gravely concerned they’re going to lose their eyesight.


Eye care is health care. But in Ontario right now, no one under 20 or over 65 can receive an OHIP-funded eye exam, even if they have insurance.


In May, I brought this issue to the legislature, we’re now in October with absolutely no solution, and the Ford government continues to abdicate their responsibility. The Ford government must get back to the table with optometrists and put proper funding in place to ensure that children and seniors receive the eye care they need


Full Letter to Premier Ford and Minister of Health Elliot