Jeff Burch MPP, Niagara Centre

Government of Ontario

Planning Grant for Hotel Dieu Shaver


"Speaker, I recently met with staff from the Hotel Dieu Shaver, a health and rehabilitation centre in my riding. Since 2007 they have been fighting for a planning grant to expand the facility with 65 additional beds. The Shaver works collaboratively with the Niagara Health system to optimize patient flow in order to alleviate pressure on the system, keeping patients out of long term care.  


Rehabilitation services optimize a patient’s ability to live independently at home and reduce their length of stays in our hospitals.   


Mr. Speaker, my father was a victim of hallway medicine. After suffering from a stroke he was transferred to the wrong hospital and experienced inadequate care. His condition only began to improve once he was admitted to the Shaver. My father’s case is not an outlier – this is the experience of countless people across Niagara. The Shaver is the only rehab hospital in the region despite having the third largest ageing population in Canada and we must be prepared to meet their needs.   


The Shaver was successful when the Province announced a $500,000 planning grant this past May. They have been in the dark on the status of this grant since the new government took office, and need to know whether or not they can expect the money so they can begin planning for years to come.  


Mr.Speaker, expanding investment into rehabilitation centres like The Shaver provides a multi-faceted policy solution that fits into the governments stated goals and objectives. I would urge the government to review this file and complete the final steps in ensuring healthcare and patient needs are prioritized in Niagara by following through and providing this much needed grant." 


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