Jeff Burch MPP, Niagara Centre

Government of Ontario

Jeff Burch at Queen's Park

Private Member's Bills

Protecting Vulnerable Persons in Supportive Living Accommodation Act, 2020 (Bill 164)

Currently, Supportive Living Accommodations are unregulated and as a result, many of those who reside in these homes are subject to inhuman treatment and care. Bill 164 would require Supportive Living Accommodations to meet a minimum standard of care to remain operational, require operators to be licensed, and introduce protocols for inspections and complaints. This would help ensure that vulnerable persons in these homes are treated with proper respect and dignity.


Bill 164 passed First Reading on December 10, 2019, and Second Reading on November 2, 2020. The bill has been referred to the Standing Committee on General Government. Once Committee Members complete their review and analysis, the bill will have to pass the Third Reading and obtain Royal Assent from the Lieutenant Governor to become law.


Status: Passed Second Reading, Referred to Standing Committee on General Government

Link: Protecting Vulnerable Persons in Supportive Living Accommodation Act, 2020


Private Member's Motions

Two-way all-day Go Transit Service to Niagara (Motion 15)

Motion 15 commits the Ontario Government to provide funding and a timeline for a GO Transit rail service between Toronto and Niagara Falls by 2023. This service will have a significant impact on our region's local economies and assist residents with their commute.


Motion 15 was debated and passed on September 27, 2018.

Status: Passed

Link: Two-way all-day Go Transit Service to Niagara (Motion 15)


Keep Full Services at the Welland Hospital (Motion 47)

That, in the opinion of this House, the Government of Ontario should ensure equitable hospital services throughout Niagara Region by maintaining full emergency department services and acute care services at the Welland Hospital and the Welland Hospital long-term care facility and provide a firm funding commitment and clear timeline for capital and operational support of the Niagara Health System, as part of an overall effort to serve the growing population of the region, increase hospital capacity, create jobs, and offer the important, high-level, front-line services the people of Niagara need.


Motion 47 was debated and passed on April 12th, 2022.

Status: Passed

Link: Keep Full Services at the Welland Hospital