Jeff Burch MPP, Niagara Centre

Government of Ontario

Burch goes to bat for Niagara residents with call for safe re-opening of outdoor amenities

Published on May 17, 2021

Local MPP pledges to keep pressing after Ford Conservatives say no to NDP motion

NIAGARA — Jeff Burch, MPP for Niagara Centre, is going to bat for Niagara residents, pledging to keep pressing Doug Ford’s government to end its ban on outdoor recreation activities during the lockdown. Despite calls from municipal leaders, health experts, the Ontario Medical Association and their own Science Table, the Ford Government government has continued to keep outdoor recreation closed.
Monday in question period, Burch urged the government to support an NDP motion calling for the immediate safe re-opening of amenities like basketball courts, skate parks, golf courses and tennis courts. Shortly afterwards, the Conservatives shot it down by a vote of 63 to 21.
“I’ve heard from hundreds of people in Niagara, who say that Doug Ford’s lockdowns have had a devastating impact on their mental health,” said Burch. “They’re asking that outdoor activities that can be done safely be opened up.”
Many outdoor recreational activities can be done safely, according to the experts.
“Doug Ford doesn’t have any excuse to stand in the way of the safe re-opening of outdoor recreation amenities. The science is clear: workplaces pose a far greater risk of outbreaks. Safe outdoor activities are important to the people of my riding, and I will keep fighting for their freedom to play.”