Jeff Burch MPP, Niagara Centre

Government of Ontario

Autism Funding


The latest decision on funding for Autism has to be one of the most callous and heartless decisions I have ever seen. Families like Joe Serianni of Welland and his son Ashton have been strung along with promises of funding. Some families have exhausted their savings and gone into debt to continue paying for therapy. Mr. Serianni, who I have met with, was so pleased to tell me how his son had responded so well to the limited therapy that he’s been paying for out of his own pocket.


Each day these children with Autism languish in this government imposed limbo and are denied treatment, is another day their potential for success and growth is impacted. Your government seems to have no sympathy or understanding for the incredible strain that it puts these families under, both emotionally and financially.


Full Letter to Minister of Children, Community and Social Services